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Director, Writer and Filmmaker

James Watson is an award-winning music video and commercials director. From a young age, he started writing and directing short one-act plays.

Following this passion, he was accepted into the "leading centre of excellence for education in film and television programme making" (the BBC, 2019): the National Film and Television School (NFTS). Here he would study Directing and Producing TV Entertainment. He focused on Multi-camera studio directing, culminating in his graduation project ‘Power to the People’, a studio political comedy show hosted by Desiree Burch. 

Since the NFTS, he has focused on working on well-known TV shows, whilst continuing writing and directing his own personal indie projects, as well as cutting his teeth on music videos with degrees of success. 

He is now looking to expand his work as a director. If you need a music video or promotional video shot, please get in touch.

ECWAVE - Kill Bill [Music Video] | GRM Daily
Geiger - My Rode Reel 2020
The Dabhands - Bad Apple (Official Music Video)
LANDMINE Kodak 2018
'WE WAIT' - 48 Hour Film Challenge 2021 Top 10 Finalist
Dead Cert
Gabriel Chernick - Shape Of You